The 1st Way Robots And Androids With A.I. Installed Will Replace Women

The 1st Way Robots And Androids With A.I. Installed Will Replace Women

This may, probably will be 100% possible now that A.I. is born… Once these robotics companies refine their machines an make them move more human like, more fluid, more “equipped”.
And then install A.I., this will be an everyday part of life.


What is a fembot? Originating in Austin Powers, then the Stepford Wives, then Westworld- the reality of the fembot’s experience is dark, grim, and unknown. Welcome to a Deep Dive into how tech views femininity- why are all virtual assistants, and ai chatbots, female?

The intent to humanize artificial intelligence may be backfiring- does this lead to the dehumanization of real women? Will the potential use of extremely advanced, on the verge of sentience, AI robots lead to further objectification of women?

Will this help to prevent abuse, or will it put people in more danger? Should robots and AI be able to consent…? Should they have rights, autonomy, or legal incorporation? How far is too far? Lets go over the psychology behind this.

Is it really “over for women”? The cute girl that unfortunately has no rights. Can robots replace humans, in relationships or in society? Will they take over OnlyFans? Also, check out the Cyber brothel- a controversial immersive experience in Berlin that’s pushing the boundaries of futuristic relationships- a full simulation.

The rapid advancements in AI technology, and humanoid robots / androids, especially in Japan, along with the release of extremely human like chatbots such as Replika or ChatGPT, have changed what the future holds.

Loneliness, social difficulty, and other factors can lead people to seek out companionship and connection from artificial intelligence, but what happens when it’s darker than that? When an AI Generated picture of people who don’t exist has people totally freaking out?

When it’s scary, disturbing, and violent? Dark communities online are popping up, and it seems that this industry is unregulated at best.



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