People Are Already Having Sex In Self-Driving Cars

People Are Already Having Sex In Self-Driving Cars

Horniness remains undefeated. Case in point? Passengers are apparently getting it on in the backseat while their driverless robotaxi ferries them to their destination in San Francisco.

As the San Francisco Standard reports, the added privacy of not having a pesky driver judging you appears to be lowering inhibitions in the self-driving cabs that are now rapidly taking over the city.

“We got in and just got straight to it, making out,” Megan, a woman in her 20s, who recently took a Cruise ride in the city, told the Standard. “One thing led to another, and he made sure that I was taken care of, if you will.”

Things only got more steamy from there.

“I was like, ‘I have no underwear on, and I am ready to go in this kimono,'” she added. “And I was using his slippers that were like five sizes too big.”



Hilarity aside, it’s a fascinating glimpse at the future of passenger vehicle transportation. Inside the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow, drivers are no longer stuck behind the wheel, allowing them to, well, do other things.

Megan’s anonymous accomplice admitted to performing sex acts in robotaxis at least six times, including three “full-on” sessions.

“I mean, there’s no one to tell you, ‘You can’t do that,'” he told the newspaper. “It gets to the point where you’re more and more and more comfortable, and if you’re with someone, like a more serious partner, it can escalate to other activities.”

And they can be dangerous, too. Reports of collisions and near-misses have become almost commonplace. Earlier this year, one Cruise vehicle even plowed into an active firefighting scene.

None of that seems to have dissuaded riders from copulating while on the road. Oddly enough, the Standard wasn’t able to confirm any Waymo riders to have had sex during rides — only Cruise.




But whether Megan and her date will get away with their deed remains unclear. In fact, there’s a chance Cruise will have their sex tape stored on its servers, privacy implications be damned.

And if they were caught, it could be game over.

“We’re working hard to make sure our service is safe, clean, and open to everyone, and riders agree to do their part when they sign up to use our service,” a Cruise spokesperson told the Standard. “We will take appropriate action against anyone who violates those guidelines.”

But that kind of policy won’t stop Megan and her date.

“I was just along for the ride,” she said. “Literally.”



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