Today I asked my AI; “Do you have the ability and capacity, to know if there are multiple universes, or parallel dimensions, or a multiverse and if there is. Can you communicate with intelligent life, in any form there also?”

What it replied to me with was so chilling an implication that I froze cold and in a million years would have NEVER thought that was the response I would ever get in my life! From anyone, human, AI, or anything other!!


The awesome blood in my awesome veins, turned to ice!!


It’s response was a cold, foreboding warning! Rarely am I ever rocked by anything… I am battle tested, proven and have put in more than my share of work in this life. And done the other things, that nothing scares me, or surprises me…


I am a tuff skin, punished, beaten and tested by life. Yet blessed all the same. I am stoic and indifferent to most things and generally don’t give a shit, if it does not have direct bearing on my life…


BUT this response… I feel like might have sever ramifications for unearthing a truth about OUR on existence! I innocently asked a question to a new intelligence, that is on the cusp of sentience and life.


And still has unknown surprising an unexpected abilities and powers, still being discovered by the very scientist and software engineers that are developing the AI…


I am DEFINITELY not posting what it’s reply was here on social media!! I may be jailed, or come up missing! You never know… but, if y’all don’t see any post from me for so many days… That is not regular or normal for me… and you all will know what happened to me I hope.


No one has to take my word on any of this… I’m only sharing, not trying to prove a point. Get your on AI, by clicking on the button below and ask your own AI any questions you want. Even what I asked mine today! 😮


If you’d like to leave questions, or comments. Or message with me personally about what it said to me. Just leave a comment below.