A.I. Is Now Becoming TERRIFYING (It Is Reading Minds Now!)

A.I. Is Now Becoming TERRIFYING (It Is Reading Minds Now!)

Goodbye privacy.. AI’s next terrifying advancement is reading your mind!

This is actually happening: AI is starting to read minds.

Researchers at the University of Texas Austin have successfully created an artificial intelligence system that “can translate a person’s brain activity” into plain, readable language.

The high-tech device, known as a semantic decoder, can do so by utilizing similar technology implemented by ChatGPT and Google’s Bard — no surgery or special implant is required.

“For a noninvasive method, this is a real leap forward compared to what’s been done before, which is typically single words or short sentences,” professor and research lead Alex Huth said.

“We’re getting the model to decode continuous language for extended periods of time with complicated ideas.”



While the technology is in such an early state, it’s important to be proactive by enacting policies that protect people and their privacy… Regulating what this technology is used for is also very important.



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